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Reading from the Pagoda. Photo (c) 2005 by Ashvin J. Chudgar.

Welcome to holistic Berks County!

The following local people, places, and organizations offer services that respect the body/mind/spirit connection. I have lived in Berks County all my life, and it’s been truly wonderful to discover all the holistic resources my home has come to offer:  This page is frequently updated, so please come back soon!

Bodywork and Reiki
    Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork 4 Park Plaza | Wyomissing, PA 19610
    (610) 451-0381 

    The Art of Touch is a group of massage therapists and other bodywork specialists; compatible with each other, they form a good healing community. If you live in Western Berks and you’re interested in exploring massage therapy, the Art of Touch is an excellent place to start.

    (610) 926-1189 

    John Bachman is a massage therapist, specializing in sports massage; a reflexologist; a reiki practitioner; and a thoroughly compassionate, kind human being whom I’ve known for several years. John makes housecalls anywhere in Berks County!

    Therapeutic Massage and Energy Work
    (610) 916-4796
    Ann is a reiki master and a practitioner of therapeutic touch and massage. Her decades of experience as a physics teacher have given Ann an understanding of the importance of balancing the intellectual with the physical and spiritual parts of life. Ann sees clients in her home, and she also makes housecalls in the area between Kutztown and Reading. 

    504 Park Road North | Wyomissing, PA 19610 (near the VF Outlets) | (610) 375-7520
    The therapists of East-West present their clients and students with an amazingly comprehensive selection of bodywork modalities, including deep muscle massage, Swedish massage, craniosacral therapy, and couples massage. I have enjoyed receiving massages at East-West, and I have met several staff and former students, all of whom have been kind and gracious people. And if you would like to learn massage, do consider consulting the faculty at East-West Therapeutic Massage. 

    Licensed Physical Therapist | (610) 372-0902
    Among the many fine physical therapists in Berks County, few can equal Lillian’s understanding of, and enthusiasm for, the holistic approach to healing. Her respect for the individuality of her clients, as well as her knowledge of many forms of holistic therapy, make her an outstanding ally during the healing process. Lillian has recently inaugurated the pelvic floor rehabilitation program at Reading Berks Physical Therapy. 

    1435 Penn Avenue | Wyomissing, PA 19610 | (610) 372-1497
    The origin of the word “epiphany” is the Greek for something shown or manifested. The five therapists who form the Epiphany Life Enrichment community can show you many ways to help your body manifest its power to heal itself. These skilled women offer a wonderful range of therapies to support the body, mind, and spirit. Their website is visitor-friendly, the atmosphere at Epiphany is very, very calming – and the Epiphany signature body massage is truly amazing. Epiphany also offers personal and professional coaching. 
    Gentle Touch Network Spinal Care
    2419 Penn Avenue | West Lawn, PA 19609 | (610) 670-6202

  • If you are looking for a chiropractor who regards the mind and spirit with as much concern as the body, consider contacting “Dr. Jeffrey.” His mission is to be a catalyst for healing and personal growth, offering support and education as he shares his love of life.

    Heart and Soul: Natural Wellness 

  • Marie is an experienced bodywork therapist whose abilities include (but are not limited to!) skill in craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, neuromuscular massage, and vibrational therapy. Marie recommended that I try sound waves for deep relaxation. It was amazing how much more flexible I felt after just twenty minutes of Marie’s therapy. Her skill in integrated bodywork will improve the quality of your life.

    Carol A. Parsons, Reiki Master
    3321 Old Route 22 | Hamburg, PA 19526
    e-mail carpar33 (at) aol (dot) com | (610) 562-5119
    Everyone should meet Carol Parsons – reiki master, massage therapist, reflexologist, artist, kind and sensitive woman. Mariposa is the Spanish word for “butterfly,” the beautiful winged creature who begins life as a crawling caterpillar. A holistic therapy session with Carol will free your weary spirit and lift your psyche as your body relaxes and begins to heal.
    Tonya M. Mayes, MS, LPC, CMT
    529 Reading Avenue, Suite E | West Reading, PA 19611
    (610) 374-8020
  • The mind/body connection is understood and honored by this licensed psychotherapist who is also a certified massage therapist. Tonya’s training in trauma psychotherapy, massage, and craniosacral therapy have resulted in the development of “body listening,” her unique approach to working with anyone who wants to learn how the body and the mind work together.

    Elaine Mendelsohn Pleet
    (610) 823-1943
    • Elaine Pleet is a certified massage therapist who uses her skills to support her clients during life transitions. Whether you are facing a career change, planning to relocate, preparing for your wedding, or looking forward to graduation, take the time to nurture yourself – call Elaine and let her help you manage the stress that accompanies any major life adjustment.

Yoga and Meditation

    525 Reading Avenue | West Reading, PA 19611 | (610) 373-7181
    Yoga is an ancient, original holistic therapy, one of the“mother therapies” from which so much else has been derived. The teachers at downdog Yoga offer many forms of this healing practice, including prenatal and postnatal yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, and kripalu yoga – some for beginners and some for experienced students. There are classes for those who need a gentle, slow therapy, for those who wish to explore mantra yoga – and for those who “just want to have fun.”
    1397 East Main Street | Douglassville, PA 19518 | (610)369-0831
      Dorian Abel is the owner of this healing studio devoted, in her words, to “health, happiness, and well-being.” Of course, Dorian brings to her clients extensive training in yoga, but she also has a background in psychology, counseling, meditation, and dance. This is a woman who understands the holistic viewpoint! Dorian has special programs for those with chronic conditions or who are convalescing from illness or injury.

    Yoga Unlimited
    30 E. Lancaster Avenue | Shillington, PA | (610)777-1303 

  • I really like this yogini (a woman who practices yoga). She is devoted to her vocation, gentle, and kind – just what one would hope for in a teacher of kripalu yoga, which emphasizes awareness, focus, and moving meditation. Kripalu is transformational yoga, and Bonnie is the perfect teacher and exemplar. Bonnie is especially experienced in working with cancer patients and with students who have heart problems.

    Stress Reduction Resources | (610) 670-6700 

  • Greg’s website is perfectly named: his business was founded to help professionals, businesspeople, and those in the workplace deal with the tensions and stresses of the daily work environment. Greg teaches simple, highly effective techniques that will calm, relax, and reduce the physical and mental toll taken by stress. He offers a great variety of workshops, classes, and retreats. 

Aromatherapy and Herbalists

    Diane Grandstrom’s Aromatherapy Plus
    Diane is a certified aromatherapist, a registered nurse, an accomplished teacher, and my friend. I often represent Diane and her products at local health fairs with great pride and pleasure. I use her products myself, in my practice and for my own well-being. A visit to Diane’s website will teach you so much about the art and the science of aromatherapy. Diane is an enthusiastic teacher; healthcare professionals and laypeople alike enjoy her classes, and she is particularly supportive to caregivers in nursing homes and hospices.
    Karen’s Botanicals | (610)926-6169
    Karen is the ultimate holistic enthusiast! She is a gardener, an expert in the use of herbs for health and beauty, a teacher, an artist, and a totally delightful person to know. In addition to her skill as an herbalist, Karen is an award-winning sculptor. Her website is easy to explore and (not surprisingly) a delight to visit.

Other Resources

    641PennAvenue | West Reading, PA 19611 | (610) 374-3730
    Earth Rhythms offers a truly holistic experience in the use of sound and rhythm to facilitate community healing and team building. Mark Seaman, the owner of this unique and wonderful business, is anexperienced teacher and presenter. His“Livin’ in the Rhythm” and Rhythm and Recovery programs can stimulate aesthetic awareness, the joy of creating music with others, and simple, uncomplicated delight. For your students, your support or recovery group, your friends and yourself – this is truly music therapy.

    Healing for Pets
    2971 Limekiln Road | Birdsboro, PA 19508
    (610) 406-7385
    Beth is a reiki practitioner who specializes in offering reiki to companion animals. Just as we humans find comfort in a reiki session, so do our pets. Beth’s animal clients receive conventional veterinary care, with the reiki sessions speeding the healing process, reducing pain, and relieving stress. This is especially important at the end of a pet’s life. Because animals respond better “on their own turf,” Beth makes housecalls.
    Mothering and More: A Non-Profit Birth Network| (610) 451-0786
  • Lasi is a doula – a specialist in supporting women through pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the post-partum period. She is extremely knowledgeable about everything that concerns new mothers, brand-new babies, and how to get them both off to a good start. She’s intelligent, sensitive, and an amazing networking resource. The Mothering and More website is a mine of information.

    841 North Fifth Street | Reading, PA 19601 | (610)375-6117

    Susan R. Drey and the rest of the staff of the Pennsylvania Center for Intuitive Studies are a wonderful group of supportive practitioners – I stronglyrecommend anyone on the staff. The Center teaches individuals and classes in various disciplines, including hypnotherapy and reiki. This is one site to check often, because there are always exciting new course offerings. And do consider getting on Sue’s mailing list.